Student Life Through the Years

Student clubs and activities have always been an important part of OVC.  The range of interests and clubs have grown over the years while some have changed direction or faded away.  All in all, student life was never dull.

The Frat

Veterinary students at the University of Pennsylvania developed the OMEGA TAU SIGMA (OTS) fraternity in 1906.  The Delta Chapter of OTS arrived at the Ontario Veterinary College in the 1913 - 1914 school year. Today it is one of 15 chapters and the only Canadian chapter. 

The original house, 51 Dundas Road, was purchased in 1955.  It provided a secure meeting place and allowed members to build friendship under its roof. Construction for a new OTS chapter house -- now called the Frat house -- began in 1966 at 349 Gordon St. The two-story house has 16 bedrooms, two bathrooms, two 1,500 square foot party rooms with fireplaces and a TV and bar room. The chapter became co-ed in 1983; today more than two thirds of the active members are women. The OTS fraternity provides veterinary students with informal parties, the annual fourth year stag, guest speakers, participation in local charities and much more.

Canadian_Mobile_Veterinary_Section_in_France_1917Did You Know?

In 1915, because of a severe shortage of veterinary officers for the British army, some Canadian veterinary students in their final year were permitted to forgo final examinations --- if they enlisted in the British Army as second lieutenants.

OVC Student Wives Auxiliary 1951

The wives of veterinarians often served as the office secretary and receptionist, bookkeeper, personal assistant, correspondent with veterinarian's clientele, anesthetist; pre-op and post-op caregiver, surgical assistant and technician. The Student Wives Auxiliary at OVC helped prepare the women for their role in a veterinary practice, which would often be located within their homes. The Auxiliary helped create a community for the wives and supported veterinary students through scholarships and awards.

Reaching the World Global Vets

In 1997, two second-year students started the Global Vets program, which promotes international unity and partnerships, allows participants to learn how to raise corporate support, meet future colleagues, teach and learn veterinary skills and develop as a person. The first two participants travelled to India in 1998 and upon their return shared their experiences with the University of Guelph and animal health industry. The International Veterinary Medicine Club was created in 2006.  Global Vets operates within the program for Phase 2 and Phase 3 students.

OVC Leading the Way  

Some OVC graduates who have furthered veterinary education around the world:

  • James A. Henderson (1936) - Dean, Washington State University
  • D. Larry T. Smith (1943) - Founding Dean, Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM)
  • James G. Miller (1949) - Founding Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Mississippi State University.
  • Gavin F. Hamilton (1952) - Dean, WCVM
  • Robert H. Dunlop (1956) - Founding Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Makarere University, Uganda; Founding Dean, Murdoch University, Australia; Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Minnesota.
  • N. Ole Nielsen (1956) - Dean, Western College of Veterinary Medicine; Dean, OVC
  • Duncan Sinclair (1958) - Dean of Medicine, Queen's University
  • Reginald G. Thomson (1959) - Founding Dean, Atlantic Veterinary College
  • Victor EO Valli (1962) - Dean, University of Illinois
  • Donald F. Smith (1974) - Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University
  • Tim H. Ogilvie (1975) - Dean, Atlantic Veterinary College