Reflect on OVC's storied past

And look ahead to a bright future.

The 150th anniversary is a time to look back at the many milestones and achievements in the history of the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC). It's also an opportunity to explore the future of the veterinary profession and the changing role of veterinarians in society. 

Simple horse doctors no longerDissecting Room 1890

The veterinary profession has undergone profound changes in 150 years. In many ways, this evolution has mirrored changes in society: the demographic shift from rural to urban; the increasing importance of companion animals in people's lives, and changing roles of women.

Today's veterinarians are not only looking after our pets and farm animals, they're leaders in diverse fields including public health, food safety and ecosystem health, and comparative medical research.

The OVC has played a key role in these changes. Want to know how?

  • Check out the timeline of milestones in OVC and Canadian history
  • From Smith and McEachran to Schofield and Kingscote and Archibald and more, learn about the giants in OVC history 
  • Find out what it was like to be a student at OVC a century ago, and today
  • On the front lines fighting zoonotic diseases such as avian influenza, unlocking the secrets of cancer and HIV/AIDS, building healthier communities from Canada's North to Latin America, Africa and Asia.