The Delta chapter of the Omega Tau Sigma Veterinary Fraternity (more commonly known as OTS) came to being at the Ontario Veterinary College in the 1913-1914 school year. It completed its first year with 74 members, all males. Much has changed since then, in the world as well as within OTS.

Omega Tau Sigma Fraternity Members, 1929

Today, Delta chapter consists of 142 active members (nicknamed "Oaties"), the majority of which are female. The chapter officially became co-ed in 1983, reflecting the changing demographics in the field of veterinary medicine. Currently, OTS house is the living space for 17 OTS brothers and sisters, as well as the location for many social gatherings and events.


Omega Tau Sigma Fraternity House, Dundas Rd., Guelph, 1955
What does OTS do?

Some of you may be wondering, what exactly does a fraternity do? Why do we even have one at OVC? These questions are not easily answered, but below is a general explaination of our diverse interests.  For more information on OTS, please visit us at http://www.uoguelph.ca/~ots/ 



OTS is a brotherhood and a sisterhood, a group of friends and colleagues who are working to better themselves and their professional lives. OTS is an organization based on loyalty, companionship and collegiality. The brothers and sisters participate in various social events throughout the year. Some of them are exclusively "members only", such as the wine and cheese professor networking evening, and alumni lunch talks. Some of the more memorable events exclusively for OTS members are Rewards Night, where the new pledges celebrate their new membership with upper year members; and the Fourth-Year Kick-Off, where our graduating members are celebrated for their achievements and wished well for their future endeavours. Other events are open to the entire school, such as our White Carnation formal event, and our annual beach party.


Service to SocietyOmega Tau Sigma Fraternity Display, 1960

However, OTS does not just thrive on social events. The brothers and sisters recognize that being an upstanding citizen and a dedicated student are important to success in our careers. OTS has contributed to several volunteer and charitable initiatives over the years, such as blood donations, local soup kitchens, the food bank, and Big Brothers and Sisters. Our weekly "People and Pets" visits to Stone Lodge Retirement Home remain a popular mode of community outreach for our members, and are equally loved by the residents of Stone Lodge. OTS also holds an annual Charity Auction, where 100% of the funds raised go to a charity of choice. Money raised from our Valentine's Day Candygram sales is also donated to charity. In addition to this, for the first time in 2011, OTS held its first annual Dog Jog as a major fundraising achievement that every Oatie can be proud of. Finally, the academic benefits of OTS membership cannot be matched at OVC. Upper year Oaties offer various course reviews and study material to assist those in the phases below them.


Omega Tau Sigma Fraternity Members, 1930

 An OTS membership combines the pride of tradition with the excitement of an ever-changing university environment. Over the years at Delta Chapter, lifelong friendships have been forged, challenges have been overcome and cheer has been brought to the lives of many. In 2012, Oaties will raise a glass to the history of Delta Chapter, to the history of OVC, and most importantly, to the next 150 years!