1991 to 1997 Timeline




The late Dr. D. Holmberg developed an introductory surgical tool called the Dog Abdominal Surrogate for Instructional Exercises (DASIE). It is used to teach the principles of abdominal surgery such as abdominal draping, aseptic technique, use of surgical instruments and the fundamental of tissue handling. This ethical, non-animal model has been integrated unto undergraduate surgery programs.


1994Dr. Alan Meek

In 1994, Dr. Alan Meek became Dean of the OVC. He graduated from the OVC in 1971. After several years of private veterinary practice, he returned to the OVC and later the University of Melbourne for graduate work. Joining the faculty of the OVC in 1978, Meek was a member of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology and is a well-regarded epidemiologist.
During his time as Dean, the pre-veterinary year at the OVC was eliminated with students applying to the college now required to complete at least two years of undergraduate study and the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). In addition, Meek oversaw the introduction of a new veterinary curriculum, DVM 2000, which places a greater emphasis on self directed learning. Finally, Meek oversaw the planning and fundraising for the OVC's new Pathobiology facility, which opened in 2010.



Two second-year DVM students initiated the Global Vets program at the OVC. The program promotes international unity and partnerships, allows participants to learn how to raise corporate support, meet future colleagues, and teach and learn veterinary skills. The first two participants travelled to India in 1998 and upon their return, shared their experiences with the university community and animal health industry. Subsequently, the International Veterinary Medicine Club was created in 2006 and the program operates within the program for Phase 2 and most recently Phase 3 students.