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Summer 2012 Book Launch

Animal Companions, Animal Doctors, Animal People               Animal companions, animal doctors, animal people - in this anthology of poems, stories, essays, a dramatic monologue, and one charming graphic story, you will read about and experience the sometimes unexpected, always touching, and powerful connections among them. Blending a mix of writers including poets Lorna Crozier, Mark Doty, Patrick Lane, and Molly Peacock with stories from everyday veterinarians and their clients, ranging from heartbreaking to laugh-out-loud funny, Animal Companions, Animal Doctors, Animal People explores the complex relationships that exist between us and animals. It touches on such topics as the invisible bond connecting veterinarians and animals, the never-ending "jobs" of the animals in our lives, and the role of animals in our imagination.

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Early 2013 Book Launch

Milestones: 150 Years at the Ontario Veterinary College                                                                                              In this coffee table book of numerous events, people and research achievements throughout the history of the first veterinary college in Canada and the United States, learn how the OVC helped shape the veterinary profession throughout Canada, graduated over 10,000 and survived during two world wars. The book is filled with pictures (some never digitalized before), including short descriptions on each milestone.  

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Summer 2013 Book Launch

Zoonoses, Animals, Humans                                                                                                                                             Ever wonder if your pet can make you sick . . . or if you can make your pet sick? Here's a book that will look into those questions through experiences of veterinarians


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