Global Development Symposium 2012

May 6-9, 2012 | Ontario Veterinary College

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 Pitch for Progress Submission  

"Everyone has a voice at the conference"


Innovative Ideas for Global Development

So you have a great idea but don't know the next step? Ever want to be on Dragon's den? Looking for potential funders or other innovative individuals to share your idea? Then Pitch for Progress may be the place for you! 

Share your new, innovative idea in a 5-minute presentation and receive 5-minutes of audience feedback. This forum is perfect for students, non-academics and faculty with a project in the development stage. These dynamic interactive sessions, will link like-minded individuals, enhance opportunities to network and collaborate, and provide recommendations for implementation and funding. 

The 250 word "Pitch for Progress" should include the problem, objective, and your proposed solution, implementation and evaluation plan. Submissions must be accompanied by a registration and will be accepted until the schedule is full. Please put Pitches for Progress in the title of the submission.


Pitch for Progress Submission can be submitted to:

Pitches for Progress (PfP) abstracts can continue to be submitted until April 30. To present your PfP at the Global Development Symposium please email your PfP abstract to You will be contacted within a week with a response indicating acceptance or non-accptance.