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Soon, I will be traveling to Morocco, yes, you read that right, all the way to North Africa. One of our members sponsored a hospital and now that its construction is almost ended, we are all going there to officiate the opening. However, this being a very charitable moment for all of us at our organization, we have all undertaken to buy certain fixtures. I am buying drop in bathtubs. This is a great moment for us to assist the people of Morocco, and we are not letting it go to waste.

I intend to donate many bathtubs to the boarding school neighboring the hospital. I intend to look for the best acrylic tubs because they are easy to install, light in weight, repairable and at the same time, they are cheap and they last a long time. They also add a touch of classiness anywhere that they are installed.

What is a drop in bathtub?

Funny name for a bathtub, but then when you see it and understand how it is installed, you will see why it is called a drop in bathtub. The reason for that is that it drops right in, into a stand or frame. It is noticeable by its construction because it has a rim at the top by which it is fastened to the frame. Once it is fastened to the frame, you can then finish the surrounding areas by the finishing of your type, usually tiles.

Now, these bathtubs are made of different materials. For example, if you are looking for the best acrylic bathtub, do not be surprised if you find that it is a drop in bathtub. These bathtubs are also very popular with apartment owners. Even if you have minimal space to spare in your bathroom, it does not mean that you should sacrifice on some of the best joys of this life. Anyone can buy these bathtubs because they are so affordable. As compared to the other bathtubs, these are the most affordable. Check out some reviews here:

Once installed, the main thing that people worry about is how to keep their bathtub clean. With the acrylic drop in bathtub, you need not worry about that. It is so easy to clean. You do not need to clean the exterior of the tub since that will already be covered. Just clean the interior and you are done.

You will also love the fact that you can arrange your lotions, soaps and detergents on the rim of the bathtub. Thus, you can reach them easily when soaking yourself in the tub. At the same time, these tubs are quite easy to pair with any other component that you have in the bathroom. They match well with toilets and wash hand basins, and even sinks.  

Now that you have seen the many benefits of buying drop in bathtubs, which ones would be best to buy? The market has a tub for everyone and for every budget.

Here are two of the best drop in bathtubs that you can order here:

Kohler K-1946-R-O Bathtub

Kohler K-1946-R- 5ft

You know that you are not going to skip buying it if it is a Kohler, one of the most renowned brand names for water fixtures. The bathtub has been designed with enough depth so that you can pour in enough water to help you soak nicely and relax. Imagine a tub like this one with the capacity to hold almost 215 liters of water! You will literary float when bathing. Another thing that you need to know is that this tub has been made with built-in lumbar support. No matter how much time you spend in the bathroom, you will feel quite comfortable. No back pain whatsoever.


  • Light in weight by over 30% as compared to traditional tubs
  • Holds a good quantity of water
  • Good, comfortable depth
  • Easy to install


  • 19 inches step-over height might be too high for seniors


Duravit Drop In Bathtub

Duravit Drop In 700405 D

When you buy a tub, you had better make sure it is a good one and that it will last a long time. This is a perfect bathtub for a place like a school where it will be shared by many people. It has been designed with a nice front panel, which offers your bathtub more support. Besides, the bathtub looks very nice.


  • Tile flange keeps water from getting behind the tiles
  • Has a nicely-styled front panel
  • Deep enough to give you a comfortable bath
  • Looks really nice and enhances the interior décor of your bathroom


  • Requires very careful installation so that it does not crack

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